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Foreign participants must have a valid passport and must obtain an entry visa before coming to the Russian Federation.

The Organizing Committee will apply for single-entry visas valid for 30 days from October 25th to November 23rd, 2010 after a participant's registration at the conference site and receiving a COPY OF THE PARTICIPANT'S PASSPORT. Approximately one and a half month after applying, you should receive an official invitation, which will be sent to you via express mail. The official invitation allows you to apply for and receive the visa (having paid the consulate fee) at the Russian Consulate indicated in your e-mail with the passport copy. That is why please indicate in your e-mail message to the most convenient town (e.g., the nearest town) for you where Russian Embassy or Consulate is located. After you have indicated the city (e.g., Paris) where you will collect your visa from a Russian Consulate, it cannot be transferred to a different location (e.g., London or Toulouse). If your pre-conference travel plans suddenly change, a new visa application will have to be made.

Passport copies can be sent as graphics files (preferably in JPEG format) by e-mail ( of by fax: +7 843 2927418.

Please note that the procedure of getting an official invitation letter is rather lengthy (about 1.5 month after sending a passport copy) so the copy should be sent as soon as possible!

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